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Calling all budding ballerinas, Highland dancing superstars, tapping maestros and Little Groovers! Join our classes in Raetihi, National Park and Taumarunui. 

Adult classes are available too!

2021 Enrollment

Term 4 enrollment is now open. Classes commence 16 October 2021.

* Tap
* Ballet
* Highland
* Lyrical
* Little Groovers
* Adult Classes


Face-to-face classes will only take place whilst NZ is in Alert Levels 1 and 2. 

Online classes will take place whilst NZ is in Alert Levels 3 and 4.

Sign up for Adult Classes here.

6 week block classes starting 26 October 2021.


Ballet classes are available for ages 4 and over with an emphasis on technique and creativity. Whether dancing for recreation or for competition, the aim is for each dancer to develop grace, elegance and clean lines.

Ballet at McIntosh Dance Company provides opportunities to dance at local events and perform at our recitals. Opportunities are available for students who want to compete. 

Dancers will learn awareness of their body, perseverance, strength and discipline. Dancers are encouraged to practice until they master new skills thus learning resilience and to work hard to achieve goals. These skills are transferable outside the studio.


Highland classes are available for ages 4 and over with an emphasis on technique and endurance. Classes are available for dancers who want to have fun, compete throughout NZ and those that just want to perform in recitals and at local events.

Highland is one of the oldest forms of dance in the world. Traditionally from Scotland, this style of dance is now everywhere that Scots have settled.  

Considered both a sport and an art form, highland dancing is one of a very small group of activities to exclusively use cross-lateral integration when executing movements. This ability is extremely important as it trains the brain for learning which improves academic skills, memory recall and expands a dancer's ability to concentrate. Highland dancing also fosters problem-solving and leadership skills along with teamwork.

Little Groovers

Intro to dance classes are available for Little Groovers aged between 2 and 4. These classes are influenced heavily by child development practices and focus on:

  • Exploring elements of space and directions;

  • Recognising and learning key body parts;

  • Discovering levels; 

  • Developing gross motor skills; and 

  • Introducing musicality.

A lot of props are incorporated into classes and Little Groovers start to learn about dance class etiquette.

These classes are designed to be an introduction to dance and assess readiness to progress to Ballet or Highland classes.


Becoming popular thanks to TV talent shows, Lyrical dance incorporates elements of ballet and jazz with acrobatic technique to create emotive dances focused on telling the story of the lyrics of the song.

Lyrical classes push boundaries to tap into inner emotions and explore creativity through learning new dance sequences and combinations. 

It is recommended that in addition to lyrical classes that students also take ballet so there is a strong technical foundation.


Opportunities are available to compete, perform locally and at recitals or just dance for fun. 



Got questions the website didn't answer? Feel free to send a text: 0210 267 0161

Classes are taught at 
Raetihi Primary School Hall

National Park Primary School Hall

Taumarunui Martial Arts Hall



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